What is MediaCore/UMW Media Hub?

It is best explained by taking the MediaCore tour . As it relates to UMW, the UMW Media Hub is part of a new initiative to provide UMW with a “media space of one’s own” – a place to put video, audio, and other media in an accessible area for use in Canvas (the university’s LMS), and WordPress ( UMW Blogs and “Domain of One’s Own” installations).

Where is the UMW MediaCore site?

The UMW MediaCore site is at .

Is there a person I can talk to about using MediaCore at UMW?

Yes. You can contact Andy Rush (x1526) in the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies or send an email to umwnewmedia [at] gmail [dot] com .

Why did you write out the contact email umwnewmedia [at] gmail [dot] com ?

Because spammers like to send their “bots” out to find email addresses in webpages and add them to their lists. Writing it out like this umwnewmedia [at] gmail [dot] com will enable humans to figure out the email address, but keep spambots from finding them.


Large scale university –
Medium Sized –
A very cool project from VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam –
Royal Holloway Drama Department –
The University of Indiana –

For an enterprise use case, Aviva –

MediaCore Resources

MediaCore Home –
MediaCore Blog –
MediaCore for Teachers –
EdMediaShare – Canvas Training Page – Canvas Integration –
Canvas Integration Demo –


Snagit export to MediaCore – (scroll down to Snagit for MediaCore accessory)
Capture app for iOS 7 –
MediaCore Uploader (Mac) –
MediaCore Uploader (PC) – MediaCore WordPress plugin –
My Example “Professor” account –


AdBlock for YouTube –

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