The Teacher That Taught Me the Most

Published: 2021-07-02 00:24:29
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What Teacher Got Me Hooked on Learning? I’ve gone through a bunch of teachers that have helped me learn. There is only one though, that woman has gone through so much stress in her life. Her name is Mrs. Jackson. She was my Eighth Grade Advanced Language Arts teacher. She really made me want to learn. Mrs. Jackson really tried hard to get kids to learn but she would not make any kid do a thing. She taught me how to be more independent on my work and that I have to take things like my class work and not just be handed things already done.
Mrs. Jackson made me take things into my own hands with my learning. She made things to where you had to do thing son your own, and showed me the way of doing independent work. Like giving us an essay project, telling us to do it then just giving us a prompt and just letting our creative minds roam free. Her criticism let there still have room for our idea to still be there but nevertheless have it portrayed in a professional way. I remember that if there was a fragment in my essay she would give it back and say there’s a fragment fix it.
I loved that she would tell me where it is but didn’t tell me how to fix it, giving me room to learn and grow from my mistake. If you asked her if we had to do something she would say no but if you want to pass my class I suggest you do. Her humor was there but she was still stern. I think she is didactic; she gave me that vibe of that already known respect that she didn’t have to ask for it was just already there. It was a given in her class what she wanted and that made me feel more respect for her, he leadership made me respect her more. She would only respect you if you respected her that was just how it was.

I always had the utmost respect for her and that is still there even though I don’t have her class anymore. To be totally honest I’m using some of her techniques to write this essay at the moment. She taught things that stuck for me. She always reminded us to not repeat so many words in our essay, sometimes it is really noticeable. She really helped with my whole view on English, my reading and everything in that area. Everything was so much easier after her class. The books we read in her class were marvelous. I loved her class and she really got me into learning.

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