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Published: 2021-07-02 00:50:15
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Who is our target ( give brief lifestyle/attitudinal descriptions. Include some demographics, but not as important for most products. Users, heavy users, nonusers, users of competitive brands? Relationship to other product/ service usage?
Emarati girls and their parents are the primary market for the new Islamic Barbie doll.  The highly religious, orthodox group still follows the fundamental Islamic traditions, including the formal dress and head coverings for women.  The most likely to purchase these dolls would be Emarati living in the United States or Europe, or those that are more wealthy and indulgent in the Islamic nations.  Mattel hopes to reach these consumers in the UAE.
Where are we now in the mind of the person? (They don’t know us. They know us but don’t use us. They prefer another brand because… they don’t understand what we can do. They don’t use us for enough things. And so on.)

The traditions of the Islamic culture differ greatly from American culture.  This could initially present as a source of mistrust on the part of the Islamic consumer.  However, Mattel’s willingness to offer Farah will go a long way to melting this distrust.  In addition, the wild popularity of Barbie will give Farah some brand association along with the wide variety of peripheral products.
Where is our competition in the mind of this person?  (Use the same approach as above, but focus on the competing brands).
With few Islamic dolls on the market, Mattel should be well positioned to be the leader in marketing its products to Emarati girls.  The only real competition should come from small, family stores in Islamic countries and in predominantly Islamic areas of the United States and Europe.
What is the consumer promise, the “big idea”? ( State the major focus of your campaign. Not a slogan or tag line at this stage, but an idea in simple language that will serve as the basis for a tag line – a brief statement that sums up what the campaign is about.)
Mattel hopes to use cultural identity and promotion as the key idea for the marketing of Farah.  Embracing culture means healthy young women.
What is the supporting evidence? (Draw on consumer benefits to strengthen and elaborate on what you chose in item 5. build benefit after benefit in support of your big idea.)
Diversity and acceptance are becoming important concepts for global marketing.  With the shrinking borders of the world due to technology, cultural practices and values are no longer hidden.  Young Emarati girls will benefit from the knowledge that an international company is focusing on their own culture by promoting it through the Farah doll.
What is the tone of voice for the advertising? ( Decide on the appropriate tone – warm, family, values, startling, hi-tech, sobering fact, mild guilt, and so on…)
The tone of the advertising should be a warm and inviting tone which focuses, as the Arab nations due, on family strength and traditional values.

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