Negotiating in China

Published: 2021-07-02 00:19:34
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What a coincidence that I was Just learning "negotiation in China", but I failed in a real negotiation exactly on the point our professor asked me and my team member to work on. It's durance and The eight elements of Negotiation in China are: (personal connections), (intermediary), status), BaffinГ(interpersonal harmony), (holistic thinking), if+(face), and relentlessness) I and another classmate were assigned with the task of making presentation on "durance and relentlessness(chick nail)".
By reading the materials given, We need to understanding this element and know how it is working in Chinese negotiation, then according to this understanding, finding out the problems in another case,which is, how that general manager(American person) get into trouble in Negotiating with her Chinese counterpart. I Just read the materials and then my Job task distracted me from finishing my school assignment. There is a tender project fox+Y Million, and it's divided into two parts, X + Y million separately.
I was the main negotiator for the sub-project of X. We are called by the buyer to go to the negotiation Just one night before, in otherworld, they leave us no time to prepare thoroughly. Touchstone day, early in the morning, we started from the Hamilton one, after 3 hours intensive bargain on price, they are still having big gap in their expectations, what's more, each party was still at their original position, with very shuttle move. Then we made a pause and went for lunch.

After lunch, they again avian big differences in expectation. Then they made a pause again, and come to our part- the X part. Seeing that it was such a difficult negotiation for them, we wanted to do it faster and be more direct and efficient. Therefore, we made concessions on their demands much quicker. Then the problem came, due to this quick concession, we lost our position, and we were pushed again and again, and our price got lower and lower, until we get to a common result, a much lower selling price than we expected!
Then they came back again to Y part, another round of slow and difficult negotiation, each party standing on their own position. Finally both made concessions and got to a final result. Remembering how they were negotiating, doing the presentation on Chinese negotiation today, especially on the chick nail( durance and relentlessness) part. I suddenly understand what I missed. I was trying to get it more direct and efficient. Found out the result was not as expected. In many cases, people need to be prepared with more durance and

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