Speech About Adolf Hitler and Diversity

Published: 2021-07-02 01:09:46
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There is no nice way to explain who Adolf Hitler was, and what he was guilty of. There would of course, have to be notices sent home to parents explaining what is going to be taught and they would of course need to sign a permission slip for each student. My Speech about Adolf Hitler and Diversity All men and women, were created equal but sometimes if a person who has something against another type of person, very bad things can happen. People can get hurt, and we don’t want anyone to be hurt, do we?
I am here today to explain to all of you why it is wrong to judge other people. There was once a man called, Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler, was the chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Hitler was also the head of the Nazi Party in Germany a long time ago. Hitler believed that not all men were the same. Because of his beliefs, he led Nazi Germany on an attack against people who in his mind, were bad people because they were different. The Nazi Party were a group of men and women who believed how Adolf Hitler believed.
Hitler, was the head of these Nazis but because they were all in a position of power, they used their power to hurt other people. The Nazi’s main targets were the Jewish people. Hitler commanded his Nazis to capture all Jewish people, and then separate them into Concentration Camps. Once the Jewish men, women and children were there, they were abused and in most cases, killed. The Nazis also targeted people who were against their cause. There were many people who were against them. Adolf Hitler was guilty of organizing over 11-million deaths.

Over 6-million people were Jewish. Not only did Adolf Hitler hate people who did not fit into his idea of what a person should look like, what they should believe or what race they were, but he also targeted people with disabilities. Hitler married a woman named Eva Braun. The Red Army (which was a militia of Russian peasants and workers), along with America and Britian, defeated Nazi Germany on May 2, 1945. Survivors who were enslaved in the Concentration Camps were freed. Hitler and Eva Braun killed themselves.
So really this is a lesson to you all. Accept people for who they are and enjoy the fact that not everyone is alike. Diversity is a blessing and a person or a nation can grow from diversity because we can learn new things. Take America for instance: we have pizza from Italy, we get the word Kindergarten from Germany, we have Chinese food restaurants, and Mexican food! That is just to name a few. We are rich in culture! Diversity is awesome guys and remember: all men and women were created equal.

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