Do You Like Surprises ? Why?

Published: 2021-07-02 00:32:49
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To be surprised is for the flow of life to reach you personally, to be a participant in the unpredictability of life, for better or for worse. To never be surprised is to live an incredibly sheltered life, or to be completely insensitive to the ebb and flow of live around you. I often like to be surprise even from the childhood. My surprises come just on holidays such as St. Nicholas or Santa Claus.
I remember when my parents tried for years to make for us my holiday surprises, like putting at foot tree or in boots various gifts that always surprises me with joy. Lately, when I got married my husband was the one who started to make for me different surprises, surprised me with things material or spiritual. I remember with nostalgia, when I was kid looking forward to the winter holidays? to receive gifts. I have long believed in Santa Claus a holiday and in holy Romanian Orthodox calendar, where it comes my name "Nicoleta”.
I love more than Santa Claus because my mom always surprises me with gifts twice. Once she put it in my shoes toy, candy, and later surprised me with cake, cookies, and we celebrate a birthday with neighbor’s children or from school that were my guest’s surprise. Nowadays, although I grew up with my mother surprised with call or gifts when we are closed. My husband the second person in my life who conquered surprises me is my husband. He fell in love with me since the first moment of surprise.

We have met on the Internet, and the first surprise that I did it after two months of online conversation was coming to Romania to see me. Of course, he came laden with gifts for the whole family, although we do not knew very well. I thought he was a nice gesture and I took it as a charity. Another surprise was when he comeback next time with Engagement ring and he asked me to be his wife. However, after that come more, and more surprises from his part and my life became changes. In conclusion, I like to make surprises as well as to accept them,

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