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Published: 2021-07-02 01:02:09
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Builds capability to meet current and future business needs through continuous learning and by communicating in ways that support productive working relationships by: Developing Knowledge and Skills Develops knowledge and skills to meet current and future business needs. Leads by example to deliver business results by: Knowing the Business Understands the organisation and its customers and how customer insight can contribute to improved services for customers. Responding to Customer Needs Seeks to understand customer requirements and deliver services that are responsive to diverse customer needs.
Providing Excellent Customer Service Meets customer needs through excellent customer service. Analysing and using Evidence Uses information to understand performance and make decisions. Deploying People and Resources Effectively Uses resources flexibly and creatively in ways that promote diversity and support the principles of sustainable development. Delivering Results Manages performance to deliver business objectives and meet performance standards. Managing Finance Monitors and manages finances to ensure value for money.
Demonstrating Integrity Demonstrates integrity at all times. Demonstrating Customer Insight Expertise Understands customer insight tools and techniques and uses them to generate insights which lead to an improved service and experience for DWP customers. Improving Performance Continuously Seeks and implements ways of improving performance. Working Collaboratively Works collaboratively in ways that value diversity and add to efficiency. Providing Direction Provides and communicates clear direction to achieve DWP strategic objectives.

Building Customer Insight Capability Establishes effective stakeholder relationships and contributes to an increasing capability across the organisation for insight generation and application. Engaging with Change Implements change in support of DWP strategic objectives. Communicating with Impact Communicates in ways that promote understanding and maintain confidentiality. DWP Competency Framework for the Customer Insight Profession Delivering a Professional Service Knowing the Business
Understands the organisation and its customers and contributes to its success by:

Performing in a way that demonstrates understanding of their role within customer insight;
Working in ways that supports the aims, visions and values of the organisation in being an exemplar of customer service;
Understand what’s most important to DWP customers and the role customer insight plays in developing the customers’ service experience;
Working in ways that support learning from customer feedback;
Working in ways that meet the requirements of the DWP Customer Charter.

LEVEL Analysing, Improving and Changing Analysing and Using Evidence Delivering a Customer Focused Service Responding to Customer Needs Investigates, understands and responds to the needs of customers – internal and external - by:

Using appropriate questioning techniques;
Building and maintaining excellent relationships with customers;
Responding to customer feedback;
Treating all customers fairly and with regard to diverse needs.

Uses information to assess progress and make decisions by:

Identifying and interpreting relevant sources of information;
Organising information in a way that helps analysis;
Extracting and presenting information appropriately.

Demonstrating Customer Insight Expertise Demonstrates expertise by:

Maintains awareness of relevant customer insight tools and techniques;
Giving colleagues and customers a positive impression of themselves and the organisation;
Using information to inform customer insight decisions and making improvements within their area of ork;
Providing soundly based advice to inform actions in response to customer issues, such as complaint handling/ redress.

Providing Excellent Customer Service Delivers excellent customer service by:

Using skills and resources to deliver the best possible service; • Dealing with customer requests, queries and problems;
Meeting customer service standards and requirements. Improving Performance Continuously

Looks for better ways of working to improve performance of self and team by:

Reviewing own performance to identify areas for improvement;
Considering a range of approaches when determining how to do things better.

Building Customer Insight Capability Builds trust with stakeholders by:

Maintaining a working knowledge of relevant customer insight activity being conducted;
Maintaining a working knowledge of complaints handling/redress policy;
Taking pride in their work, the service they offer and the benefits for the customer;
Demonstrating a proven track record for customer service, delivery and capability.

Engaging with Change Helps make changes work by:

Seeking clarification if unsure about reasons for change;
Supporting the implementation of change by making constructive suggestions;
Helping others during times of change and respecting their rights to different views and ideas. DWP Competency Framework for the Customer Insight Profession Managing People and Performance Delivering Results

Knows what is required in their day to day work and takes responsibility for working to a consistently high standard by:

Agreeing role requirements with those they report to and work with;
Planning and managing day-to-day workload to meet agreed targets and deadlines;
Consistently applying policies and procedures that are relevant to the role;
Recognising and reporting risks to the successful completion of work;
Making best use of the available technology and ensuring security of personal and other official information.

LEVEL Leading Demonstrating Integrity Building Capability Developing Knowledge and Skills Develops the knowledge and skills needed to meet the requirements of the job and the objectives of the team by:

Understanding their own strengths and development needs, taking into account feedback from others;
Seeking new and better learning and development opportunities, including those available as part of their daily work activity;
Applying and sharing skills and knowledge learned;
Giving constructive feedback to colleagues. Displays integrity and honesty by:
Keeping promises and fulfilling commitments; • Being able to admit when they have made a mistake;
Building relationships which balance achieving the task with an appreciation of others’ needs.

Deploying People and Resources Effectively Makes best use of own time and other resources by:

Monitoring how their time is used and proposing more efficient ways of working;
Reducing wastage and encouraging others to do the same;
Considering the environmental impact of their actions.

Working Collaboratively Adopts a business-like approach to working relationships that respects diversity and contributes to effective team working by:

Listening and responding positively to people with differing views and opinions;
Providing honest and constructive feedback and challenging negative behaviours;
Working with others to achieve team objectives;
Responding appropriately to diverse needs of others. Managing Finance

Helps to achieve value for money by:

Applying relevant financial and procurement procedures;
Considering value for money of all their actions;
Raising relevant queries on financial reporting.

Communicating with Impact Communicates clearly taking account of individual need by:

Adapting communication style to the needs of the audience;
Presenting own views clearly and building on the views of others;
Safeguarding personal and other sensitive, official information.

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