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Published: 2021-07-02 00:49:59
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Baguio City is home to many tourist spots and is a getaway of those living not only in Metro Manila, nearby lowlands but the entire Philippine populace. Established as the Summer Capital of the Philippines in 1903, Baguio City is the foremost tourist destination in the Philippines. Baguio City is blessed with a cool climate. It averages 20C or 68F which is around eight degrees lower than those of the lowlands including Manila. This alone, is enough reason to drive people from nearby and far away cities and provinces to go up to Baguio.
That’s why even though it’s my fifth time to go in Baguio I’m still excited when our instructor finally told us that our 2-day educational tour will be in Baguio. Because still it’s my first time to go there not to do fundraising activity but to have fun and learning. Mention Baguio City, first few thoughts that came to my mind are pine trees, cool temperature, fresh vegetables, cultural and historical variety. So though I’m really sleepy because we departed early in the morning I can’t sleep because my classmate were so noisy and it’s a six-hour ride that’s why I find ways to enjoy myself while were travelling.
While travelling I can really justify how creative our Almighty God is. Baguio is a city in a high altitude, a plateau that we can have a good view of the surrounding scenery. As our van went higher up however, we came upon a zigzag road, and I couldn’t help but pray that we may arrive safely. More than the fear however, is the excitement of the place that we will go through. My adventure in Baguio is one that I shall never forget. That’s why I’m recollecting now the pieces that are still vivid in my memory. Our first stop was Lion’s head were it was located on the way to Baguio.

We only took pictures there, and then we immediately went back to the van. Our second stop was The Philippine Military Academy – the national training school for future officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. We also have few minutes there that’s why we directly took pictures then go! Next stop was Mines View Park where a spectacular panorama awaits us. The stunning creation around is overwhelming and for tourist’s to get a closer look of the vicinity, they can rent binoculars. But for us… hmmm… anyway we took pictures wearing Igorot clothes. And also Baguio souvenir items and other local products are available near the view deck.
So after we took pictures since the time was too short we went back to the van then go! Then we went to the so called ‘Malacanang of the North” – The Mansion at Baguio Wright Park. It is used as the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. Entry to the com pound is restricted. So we only view the Mansion through its gate which is patterned after that of London’s Buckingham Palace. Then again without wasting time we took pictures then we go! We had our lunch at SM Baguio. After that we precede to the Bell Church- a Chinese temple.
One of the adorable and memorable spots in Baguio City for me was the Bell Church. This temple provides a peaceful, serene and refreshing atmosphere to Chinese people who want to meditate and reflect on their spiritual lives. In addition, the site has attractive features that reflect the history and culture of Chinese people. Baguio Bell Church has two well-crafted dragon structures at its entrance. It also features a wishing pond where I throw coins as I say my wishes because they said it will really happen. Also at the entrance of the temple is a Taoist leader who predicts future events.
Then after taking pictures, we immediately went back to the van and go! Our next stop was strawberry farm. If a delightful dessert ends a sumptuous meal, the sweetest way to conclude a Baguio trip is through strawberry picking! This is a fun activity for everyone but unfortunately we didn’t do it due to the bad weather. So instead of picking we only bought strawberries and since there were also some souvenirs like key chains we also bought as our “pasalubong”. And it’s really amazing because this province was once recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for baking the largest strawberry cake.
Ooppss! It’s not yet done. Our last destination was Burnham Park. This place was my favorite, I really enjoy and I’m not worrying or thinking about time. So when our teacher gave us three hours to do what we want, together with my classmate I do boating and I can say that I really-really enjoy though it’s embarrassing because we don’t know how to move the boat, still I will treasure this moment. After boating, we rode bike and again with the cool climate and good scenery, I enjoy biking. The view was really good – tall pine trees, color flowers – and the air was so fresh I really wished I could take it back home!
After we had dinner in SM Baguio, we go back in La Union. So in second day we did food raising for our food at the beach. I can say that swimming there was refreshing where it wash out for a while my worries and problems. So while others were cooking, we were playing. So in that time I can say that Sophies (sophomores) were really united….. hehehehehe…… Though there were lots of circumstances or problems that came during our educational tour, I was still happy because we did some fun, had learning to share and the most important was that were complete when we return in IPLC.
While travelling as I watched the creation of GOD and counted once more the many blessings God has given me, things I often took for granted, things many people like me ignore. Everyday, the world seems to tell us so many things we should grieve about. There were so many reasons why we should not be happy. But why dwell on these things? If the world asks us why we should be happy, let us ask the world, “Why not? ”

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