What is video? What is a video frame?


When we shoot video, we are actually taking pictures – 30 times per second. In video parlance, we shoot at 30 frames per second (fps). There are other frame rates that are used as well. Films have generally been shot at 24 fps. I say generally because with digital technology, people have been experimenting with other frame rates like 48 fps. In Europe the televison standard is 25 fps. In the U.S. it’s actually a slightly strange 29.97 fps!

In the short video above, we introduce the concept of a video frame. Video is simply made up of a series of pictures, and we call them frames, and they are then displayed at a rapid rate. The concept of a “frame of video” will be very important as we get into the heart of producing videos using a computer.

You can also watch this short, simple demonstration of “300 frames”. That’s 10 seconds of video because it plays at a rate of 30 frames per second (fps):

Thanks to Papa John (no not the pizza guys) for the video “100 Numbered Frames”.

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