The Kit

“The Kit” is the nickname for a portable live video streaming production unit. Saying “The Kit” is just easier. It consists of a MacBook Pro laptop (see the specs below) along with a firewire camcorder, wireless microphone, a tripod, and some miscellaneous connectors and adapters. It also uses Telestream’s Wirecast software as a video switching program. With Wirecast it is possible to broadcast a “show” through a live streaming service such as Ustream or A show can conceivably consist of multiple camera angles, graphics such as lower thirds and “chromakey” backgrounds, as well as the inclusion of PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, or even web content. A sample show is included below from the 2011 ACCS Conference.

Setting up the Kit

Setting Up The Kit from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

Some of the photos of the equipment used in the kit are available in this Flickr Set – The Kit

2011 ACCS Virginia Conference

ACCS 2011 “Kit” Demo from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

One Man Band System Spec’s – Google Spreadsheet with links and pricing

Total cost is a little over $4000 including the MacBook Pro.

We have an article about the history of how “The Kit” came to be.

Come to UMW’s faculty showcase – Faculty Academy – May 11 & 12, 2011 at the Stafford campus at the University of Mary Washington.

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