I love Picasa, a free photo management tool, and Flickr, a great (also free) online photo sharing/storage service. Picasa, now owned by Google, does have its own photo sharing service and it is quite good. However, I give Flickr the … Continue reading

Managing your photos on and offline

A combination of the online photo sharing site Flickr, and computer photo management software is all you need to get your digital photos in order. Photo by dsevilla Is there anyone out there not using digital cameras and managing their…

I need some AIR

I thought about several ways to begin this post, and I was hoping the title wouldn’t scare people off thinking that I was going to vent. No, it’s not that kind of air. It’s actually Adobe’s AIR, or Adobe Integrated Runtime (yes, I’ll just use AIR from now on). AIR has actually been around for [...]