Introduction – Who I am, Where we’re going

Third NMC

Keynote presentation . . .

Overview of UMW New Media Center site

Tour, Searching, Tips, RSS and feeds.


“community of practice”

“It’s not about the appliances, it’s about cooking a meal”

Synthesis – “the dialectic combination of thesis and antithesis into a higher stage of truth” – I mean holy shit, who wouldn’t want to involved with THAT!

Not shooting for perfection because in perfection there is no learning – mistakes and problems are where the learning occurs. Real World / Real School


Feed WordPress – syndication – example import site:

WPTouch iPhone theme/plugin – pages optimized for iPhone or iPod Touch

Dagon Sitemap generator



Theme Test Drive – Admins see the test theme also you can use “?theme=xxx” to see any alternate themes, or for non-admins to see. Grab another theme to compare it to –

Simple Tags – Tag Cloud, Related posts

Activate New Theme

Arras Theme – “magazine” style


RSS – Delicious feed

Flickr Photo Album

YouTube Favorites

Simple Tags – tag cloud


andheblogs, digitalmediacookbook – iphone

podcasts@umw – audio on iPhone – RSS Player


Tips page – Feeds, Tag feeds, category feeds


Compfight – find Flickr Creative Commons photos

Jing and

Camtasia (for the Mac????)

Video Download Helper plugin for FireFox

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