NMC 2009

Henry Jenkins Rocks the House in RL/SL
Creative Commons License photo credit: cogdogblog

The 2009 NMC Summer Conference was held June 10 – 13 at the California State University campus in Monterey, California. Keynoting the conference were Kathy Sierra, known for “her refreshing insights on creating engaging user experiences”, and Marco Torres “veteran educator and media guru.”

I’m Andy Rush, and I welcome you to my presentation – Preparing for the New Media Buffet.

Here you’ll find additional resources from my presentation. Gradually we’ll add documentation for how the New Media Center website was put together. Below are some examples of resources that are included using WordPress plugins. For those of you who don’t know, WordPress is an open source, extensible blogging and web publishing platform. WordPress.com is a large “multi-user” installation. If you have you own server WordPress.org provides the free software that you can install, though many web hosts provide installation “scripts” to help you. UMW Blogs is a WordPress Multi-User installation at the University of Mary Washington.

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