What is MediaCore/UMW Media Hub?

It is best explained by taking the MediaCore tour. As it relates to UMW, the UMW Media Hub is part of a new initiative to provide UMW with a “media space of one’s own” – a place to put video, audio, and other media in an accessible area for use in Canvas (the university’s LMS), and WordPress (UMW Blogs and “Domain of One’s Own” installations).

Where is the UMW MediaCore site?

The UMW MediaCore site is at

Is there a person I can talk to about using MediaCore at UMW?

Yes. You can contact Andy Rush (x1526) in the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies or send an email to umwnewmedia [at] gmail [dot] com .

Why did you write out the contact email umwnewmedia [at] gmail [dot] com?

Because spammers like to send their “bots” out to find email addresses in webpages and add them to their lists. Writing it out like this umwnewmedia [at] gmail [dot] com will enable humans to figure out the email address, but keep spambots from finding them.


Large scale university –
Medium Sized –
A very cool project from VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam –
Royal Holloway Drama Department –
The University of Indiana –

For an enterprise use case, Aviva –

MediaCore Resources

MediaCore Home –
MediaCore Blog –
MediaCore for Teachers –
EdMediaShare –
Canvas Training Page –
Canvas Integration –
Canvas Integration Demo –


Snagit export to MediaCore – (scroll down to Snagit for MediaCore accessory)
Capture app for iOS 7 –
MediaCore Uploader (Mac) –
MediaCore Uploader (PC) –
MediaCore WordPress plugin –
My Example “Professor” account – 


AdBlock for YouTube –

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