iMovie Welcome to our iMovie help page. iMovie is a basic yet powerful video editing program that comes standard on all new Macintosh computers. If you want to know more about it, Apple has information about iMovie on their website.

First, a note about iMovie versions. It quickly gets confusing talking about iMovie because there are so many versions. The software became associated with a suite called iLife. iMovie is the oldest of these applications, even pre-dating iLife. iPhoto and Garageband are the other programs that are still in existence from the original iLife Suite. iMovie was released in 1999 as part of the purchase of an iMac DV. From 2004 on, the iLife Suite adopted the year of it’s introduction as part of its name. iLife ’04 included iMovie (version 4), iPhoto (also 4), as well as iDVD and even iTunes. The first version of GarageBand was introduced in this bundle.

The trend continued through iLife ’06 as all the programs were version 6, with the exception of GarageBand 3 (and a new program iWeb). In the middle of the summer of 2007, iLife ’08 was released. There never was an iLife ’07. All of the programs were version 7 (though iTunes was broken out of iLife), and GarageBand was at version 4. That’s how the confusion begins. iLife ’09 included iMovie version 8. The next iLife suite, iLife ’11, included iMovie version 9. Eventually, the iLife programs became free with the purchase of every new Mac, and the iLife suite faded from existence with the advent of the Mac App Store.

As of 2013, the latest version of iMovie associated with the release of OS X Mavericks is version 10. We’ll be writing more about iMovie version 10 as we go forward.

We have a few installations of this software in a few locations:

  • The Simpson Library has four iMacs on the first floor near the circulation desk.
  • The History Dept. has iMovie installed on the Media Lab computers.
  • The ITCC will have Mac workstations with iMovie installed. Stay tuned for locations.

We’re creating tutorial videos to help you learn the basics (a few are below):

Importing Video and Using an External Hard Drive with iMovie

Format an external drive for Final Cut Pro X (AND iMovie)

Format an external drive for Final Cut Pro X (AND iMovie)

Green Screen Effect in iMovie

Here are some clips you can use to play with in iMovie .

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