Imaging Resources

What Image Editing program should I use? See our recommendations for Image Editing Programs.

Where do I find images to use for my website? You can start with Flickr. Just be aware that you can’t just post any image on your website without permission. Look for images with a Creative Commons license associated with it. For instance, this photo of a computer laptop has an attribution and share alike license, meaning you need to give credit to the “author” by including the name on the page where you repost the image (attribution) and you must share the image in the same way if you make any changes to the image (share alike). This video provides more information about copyright and where Creative Commons licenses fit in.

Some other sites that have freely useable images include (here’s an example computer image) and Pixabay (here’s one of their laptop images).

What do I need to think about when scanning images? One of my favorite sites for years has been Wayne Fulton’s Scan Tips website. It’s packed with information about digital image concepts and best practices.

How do I resize an image? See our article on The “Simple” Act of Resizing Images.

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