How to generate a strong password

photo by Philipioo

Using new media means using online resources. The more we use online resources, especially ones dealing with sensitive information like bank accounts and student data, the more we need to think about creating strong passwords to protect those resources. If you’ve ever had trouble coming up with a password that was considered "strong", but would then have trouble remembering that password, then I have the resource for you. The Password Generator is a website that not only creates strong passwords for you, but gives you a way to create passwords you can remember. If you just want to create a random password, you have that option.

However, if you want to use a password that you can remember more readily, you can choose the "leet password" option (ask a geeky friend where the word leet comes from *). The key is typing in a phrase that you will remember like "I graduated from Mary Washington University in 08". The password generator will then create a password with letters, numbers, and special characters that looks something like this – !6FmwU!08 . Notice how the characters aren’t the obvious choice. The ! stands for capital I, the number six is used for the small letter g, capital f for from, and so on. More and more sites will begin to ask for these strong, fortress-like passwords. When they do, you’ll be ready.

* – find out about leet.

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