How to buy electronic gear

photo by jidnet

When you need a technology gadget for your computer, or for creating digital media, where do you start? Well, we in Teaching and Learning Technologies recommend you start at Cnet reviews. Cnet is a technology website and they do accept advertising, but they are very independent when it comes to their reviews. If the readers at Cnet don’t agree, there is a user review section that will provide some possibly alternate viewpoints. The best thing about Cnet is the one stop shopping resource. You look for the category of device that you want, like digital cameras. Then we recommend you start with the editors picks (ex. Editor’s Top Digital Cameras). You can then drill down into types of devices within the category (Best Compact Cameras). Once you have a few candidates to choose from you can read the individual reviews. From there you can also see how the aforementioned users feel about the device. Cnet will also provide links to vendors who carry the product so you can purchase it right away. How much easier could it be? Well, it’s true you need to know what to look for and whether features are worth the money, but Cnet’s reviews generally spell this out for you. They also provide a “buying guide” for many types of products that will help you sort out the terms (ex. Digital Camera Buying Guide). Cnet’s review site is a great place to start your electronic shopping spree.

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