Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut

Welcome to our help page on Final Cut Pro X, a powerful video editing program available on the Mac. If you want to know more about it, Apple has more information about Final Cut Pro X on their website.

We have a few installations of this software in a few locations. The library has four iMacs on the first floor near the circulation desk, the History Dept. has Final Cut Pro X installed on their Media Lab computers. The ITCC will have editing stations with Final Cut Pro X installed. Stay tuned for locations.

We have a document on Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X that covers some of the requirements, concepts, and useful keyboard shortcuts, and we’re creating tutorial videos to help you learn the basics (a growing playlist is below).

The following “Events and Projects” video only applies to Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.9 and before, as version 10.1 uses a new “Library” structure to contain Events and Projects.

Events and Projects in Final Cut Pro X

Events and Projects in Final Cut Pro X

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