EvernoteEvernote is a program to write notes, as well as capture, store, and categorize things that you find on the Internet. Much like the Delicious service used to be, you can bookmark pages on the web. The difference being that not only does it capture the URL of a site, but it can capture the site at a moment in time.

It is a web service as well as a program that runs on your Mac or Windows computer, and also iOS and android devices. It will then sync across all of your devices.

However, Evernote is also an ecosystem of other services that enhance the basic features. Clearly is an add-on for your web browser to give you a simpler view of a web page. It allows you to read a webpage with a consistent look and more “clearly”. Web Clipper is another web browser plugin to enables quick clipping of web sites that you visit. Postach.io is another service that will provide a blog for your Evernote notes. Evernote also includes the program Skitch (another program in our toolkit) for grabbing screenshots from your computer. More products are available on the Evernote website.

Official Evernote website


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