Canon Vixia HF R400


The Canon Vixia HF R400 is a basic camcorder that produces High-definition video (up to 1080p resolution) and has the minimal capabilities of producing high quality video recordings. It can be found online for less than $300 (there is a new model – the HF R500 – that sells for $299).



The Vixia camcorders record to SD (flash memory) cards, as do most consumer and even some entry level professional cameras. Some of the Vixia models also offer some internal storage, but the HF R400 does not. Obviously the larger the SD card, the more video footage can be stored on it. Common sizes are 16 or 32 GB and that will store up to several hours of recorded video.



The HF R400 also has the ability to take external microphone input to enable high-quality audio. Camcorders have built-in microphones, but you get relatively poor quality audio, as opposed to using higher quality microphones that can be plugged into the camera. There is also a headphone port to allow the monitoring of the audio that is being recorded.

The other two outputs from this camera are HDMI (mini) and USB. The HDMI port allows live output from the camera for use in live productions that utilize video switchers, for example in a studio environment. The USB port is used to transfer data from the camera’s memory card to your computer.

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