What is New Media?

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Well it’s this . . .

Does that help? Well if we just used the term digital media, would that be any better? Probably. So why new media and what’s so new about it? Well, the big difference between old and new media is that it’s easier to be in control of the content. New media means YOU are in control. Remember the days (1985 or so) of desktop publishing? That was a revolution because people could control the process of publishing high quality laser printed documents with their home computer. So while you couldn’t publish fully bound books, you could create a very readable publication for an organization, business, or educational course.

Today we have these revolutions on all fronts: digital video; digital audio; digital imaging; etc. You could conceivably be a one person media mogul in your own home. Taking video as an example, you can produce a live TV show (broadcast on the Internet), archive your episodes on a website, set up a subscription system to get those shows delivered automatically to a portable video device or to a computer/television setup, all using a basic home computer. To be able to capture, edit, and produce all of the forms media and not be tearing your hair out waiting for it, or having it crash constantly, the computer you use needs to be somewhat new. Computers are for the most part very affordable considering what you get.

New Media is DIY publishing in a variety of forms, and it’s all relatively easy. Some of those forms of publishing that we will delve into on this site are things like blogs, wikis, podcasting, screencasting, mashups/remixes, and so on. We’ll also bring in some relevant terms such as social networks, virtual worlds, mobile/cellular computing, and more.

So feel free to explore this site to see how new media is being used, and you will start to see the possibilities yourself.

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